"If you can't feed 100 people, feed just one."

[Mother Teresa]

Against the grain of our modern day, we choose to see the beauty of the process.

We've learned that all seasons begin, end, and serve a purpose.

We find beauty in our scars and failures.

We make ourselves known, stand firm to our beliefs, and trust the right Circle to form around us.

Here is the process we are all going through.



See what we're about.

Connect with our Contributors to ask about their experience in the Doxa Collective.

Learn about the Code we sign to enter and the Circles we use to foster authentic community.


Let yourself be known.

Foster relationships, sharpen others, and receive support as you build your dream as a Contributor to our private online network.

Receive strategic placement into a Circle with six (6) other creators, dreamers, and entrepreneurs to journey alongside you.


Change everything.

Reap the benefits -- relational and financial -- of investing into an authentic community of purpose-driven individuals.

Realize your vision in most satisfying and sustainable way: interwoven with others who know you, challenge you, and care for you.

Are you ready for something real?


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